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Beautiful blouse from Semper Piu in a casual A-cut that falls nicely on the body. Made in a completely pure viscose quality, ensuring a soft quality and it is done in a beautiful print.

Semper Piu - Black

  • The blouse's beautiful pattern will surely light up in the fall darkness, and the combination of the pure colors gives an exclusive look. The fit is both comfortable and classic, so the blouse will surely become a favorite in the wardrobe.

    Use it for blue jeans for a nice contrast, or put it into a classic pencil skirt for a professional look.

    The blouse is made in 100% viscose. The fit is 'A-Shape - relaxed' and has a length of 78 cm at the back.

    Brand: Semper Piu
    Style no. S2622
    Color: Black
    Quality: 5635 - 100% Vi
    Category: A-Shape - Relaxed

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