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Beautiful sweater from Semper Piu with a round neck and a soft viscose quality that makes the shirt comfortable to wear. It has a fine A-shape that is sewn to a beautiful silhouette. Held in primarily gray shades with a wealth of different prints.

Semper Piu - Black

SKU: S8592
﷼479.00 Regular Price
﷼383.20Sale Price
  • Print is one of the very big trends of the season and you are encouraged to mix many different types of print, which will be possible with this jersey. The large leopard print on the back and sleeves is broken in front by the same print in smaller format, and the beautiful flowers in gray and magenta put the icing on the cake.

    Wear it with pants and boots for a feminine and classic look.

    The shirt is made of 96% viscose and 4% elastane. The fit is 'A-Shape - fitted' and has a length of 78 cm at the back.

    Brand: Semper Piu
    Style no. S8592
    Color: Black
    Quality: 5636 - 96% We, 4% Ea
    Category: A-Shape - Fitted

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