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Pants from Pont Neuf with a good wide waistband. Equipped with a strong elastic for a comfortable fit. The model is slightly tight-fitting, and is sewn into a strong Milan jersey.

Liv - Aubergine

SKU: V5331 - A
  • The trousers are ideal for any occasion that requires a slightly more professional look.

    Use them for a shirt, or take advantage of the colors to create a modern look. For example, put the petroleum blue pants on a petroleum blue top for a monochrome look.

    The model is called Liv, and is made of 65% viscose, 30% polyamide and 5% elastane. The fit is 'Shaped - fitted'. Available in black and navy, and the inside length is 78 cm in size M.

    Brand: Pont Neuf
    Style No. V5331
    Color: Black
    Quality: 0205 - 65% We, 30% Pa, 5% Ea
    Category: Shaped - Fitted

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