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Collar from Pont Neuf, closed with three small decorative buttons in black. The collar is 16cm high and made in a delicious wool / viscose mix.

Scarf V2799

SKU: V2799
﷼85.00 Regular Price
﷼68.00Sale Price
  • The collar is Pont Neuf's offer for an updated version of the classic scarf, and the colors are therefore also kept in the practical and easy to use black, gray and violet. With the delicious blend of wool and viscose ensures a comfortable quality.

    The collar is both cute as an appendix to the classic wool coat to keep the monochrome look, but can also be used as a color wrap where you put a purple collar to a white wool coat.

    The model is called Circle, and is made of 60% viscose and 40% wool. The fit is 'Classic'.


    Brand: Pont Neuf
    Style no. V2799
    Color: Black
    Quality: 0055 - 60% We, 40% Wo
    Category: Classic

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