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Nice shirt from Chalou with a soft V-neck that gives a bit of length to the neck. It has ¾-sleeves and a relaxed, figure-shaped fit. Held in white and light blue shades.

Chalou - Azon Blue CH8361

SKU: CH8361
﷼269.00 Regular Price
﷼188.30Sale Price
  • The shirt is very eye-catching and feminine with its bright colors and imaginative print, where you get the feeling that there are several patterns on top of each other. The stars sewn in front and back give a bold, three-dimensional effect.

    The shirt is made of 96% viscose and 4% elastane. The fit is 'Shaped - relaxed'. The shirt has a length of 72 cm in the middle of the back in a size 44.

    Brand: Chalou
    Style no. CH8361
    Color: Azon Blue
    Quality: 2700 - 96% We, 4% Ea
    Category: Shaped - Relaxed

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